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Bring me some sun!

Bring me some sun!

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ee5_largetumblr_m7g0lfb9TW1qke3gjo1_500_largeThe snow is falling and it’s way too cold, but thankfully I won’t be in Sweden much longer, hello Florida! I am leaving this Sunday to practice in perfect conditions for 8 days :-) I am currently practicing in the simulator, and below is a picture from my kitchen when the snow arrived! I just finished playing tennis at 10 PM and I realized that I am not in the same shape as when I was competing in tennis, though I am too stubborn to admit ;-)
20130116-223202.jpg 20130116-223144.jpg

16 Jan 2013 1 comment
  • Jan Sjöberg 17 januari, 2013 at 02:22 / Svara

    Hello Madeleine!
    Are you going to leave Sweden for Florida? Think it’s better playing conditions over there. Good luck with your game.

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