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Hi everyone! I am so thankful for all the support during the qualifier! Some of you might think what happened the last two rounds? That is a question that I have been trying to answer since Sunday. I have spoken to different players and reflected on my own actions. This qualifier is a different situation, it is a marathon. In a normal tournament the cut is after two days and you might be able to relax but this one is much harder. My tee shots failed me when I was pressured and uncomfortable and that is something I will be working on this winter. I learned that par is good in this qualifier and that I have to move to the next hole without any thoughts. I cant wait for next season to start! But first, I am heading to Turkey on Friday for my next event, Christmas Classic! We are flying out tomorrow and I will spend one day in Sweden before leaving again, laundry, practice and some time with the family is on the schedule! 20121211-160350.jpg

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