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Great learning experience

Great learning experience

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So I started the morning by forgetting my golf shoes, after driving half way I had to pull over and I found another pair in my car.. I shot 76,77, and finished in 18th place. I am very happy about my game and I am so thankful for everything I learned by participating in the qualifier! Having my coach as my caddie was very helpful and I learned a lot:) My upcoming schedule will start in August, so now it is time to focus on school and practice. I am about to pick up my parents at the airport along with my godparents they are so stoked to visit California! Thanks to everyone following I had such a great support!

My next tournaments are:

AUGUST 24-26
VW Söderbergs Ladies Masters
Bråvikens GK

Norrporten Ladies Open
Sundsvalls GK

Nordea Tour Championship by Fredrik Jacobson
Kungsbacka GK

Graduation is coming up and I believe it is time to celebrate like only Swedish people can:)
I will update with more pictures this week!

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