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How to Exercise while sitting

How to Exercise while sitting

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After sitting down all day I decided to google how to work out while sitting. I am the type of person who has to do two things at the same time. While sitting and listening to my professor I feel like the time goes by and I should have accomplished something. I found some exercises that was silly and I picked out the most challenging ones. Maybe you can find some you like or you could also enjoy sitting down:)

How to Exercise Abs While Sitting

Incorporating abdominal exercises while working out in a gym or in your home can diminish your flabby abs. However, most people sit so much throughout the day, they need more exercise to get the job done. Keep your stomach muscles taut and toned by working your abs twice a day while sitting.



1. Squeeze and release your buttock muscles. You may fell a little silly doing this while you are sitting in your chair, but it really is a great way to firm up those butt muscles. You just squeeze and release for at least a good thirty minutes.

2. Next work on your Abs by taking a deep breath in and release. While taking these deep breaths you want to suck in your stomach and hold then release. You can also move you’re upper in lower abdominal muscles in and out in sort of a wave motion. This may be pretty hard to do depending on how strong your abdominal muscles are.

3.Do leg-lifts. Sit up straight, near the edge of your chair. Hang on to the chair’s arms or the seat for support. Lean your upper torso or shoulders back slightly, while keeping your back straight. Extend your legs straight in front of you with your toes pointed up.

4. Lower your legs to the floor while keeping your heels from touching the floor. Hold in your abs while taking deep breaths and exhaling. Do leg-lift sets of 6 repetitions. Raise your legs up from a chair placed directly in front of you for a more challenging leg-lift.


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