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I hope you have a good weekend!

I hope you have a good weekend!

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Give me this Swedish candy!

So I decided to share some photos of me and my family because I know they have been stalking my blog now all week:) Miss you guys! They just booked their ticket for my graduation as well as my godparents and my cousin, so excited! I want everyone to come celebrate with me!  My team is obsessed with Rory Mcllroy and his girlfriend Caroline Wozniaki from Denmark. Since I have my blog, I can brag about myself sometimes and I have actually played against her when I was younger and she was already sooo good! She won by 6-0 6-1 haha…

Mcllroys present for Wozniaki, a designed wedge:) 

Mcllroy beats Sharapova in tennis so funny!


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