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Time to my next challange!

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Two more rounds of golf before I head home to Sweden. I have been practicing at Annika’s academy and played at the courses around it. Annika’s academy was not as big as I pictured but the people there were very friendly. I saw Charlotta, Annika’s sister and I tried out the new callaway clubs. The weather is amazing!! After the round today we went to the PGA for the last time:)





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Here are some pictures from the PGA show it was really good!! All the big names were there and it was really cool to see them live. I tried all the new things that are coming out. The picture with Nick Faldo was take by his little daughter and therefore the picture is a little blurry but she insisted:) The shoes below are amazing I can’t wait to use them for practice the balance in your stance is fabulous.





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It’s been some crazy busy days here in Florida. We played different courses everyday and yesterday I played in a tour edge event it was so much fun! I got to try different practice tools and I will post all pictures this weekend. Tomorrow the PGA show will take place, I’m playing the Ritz-Carlton course in the morning and then I’m heading to the show. I took some pictures today while they were setting it up. It’s sooooo big!! Found some really awesome custom made drivers, this company is trying to make all the pro shops to make it available for everyone to design their own clubs. I love the energy here with all the golfers from around the world.





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Spend our first day at championship gate:) Played 36 holes and the greens were a little too fast! On the picture below me and Suzann Petterson are both practicing in Florida;-)




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Soo happy to leave this cold and painful weather and change it up for some sun!
Photo on 2013-01-19 at 19.22 Last practice at my range covered in snow. I will be heading to the airport at 5.30 in the morning tomorrow and I have finished all the packing! It is time to get some inspiration and motivation! Till er alla i Sverige som följer min resa,  bilderna jag kommer att dela med mig är av ren glädje inte menat att göra er avundsjuka ;-)
We celebrated my love yesterday, Happy 24 years to you!

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