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Time to my next challange!

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ee5_largetumblr_m7g0lfb9TW1qke3gjo1_500_largeThe snow is falling and it’s way too cold, but thankfully I won’t be in Sweden much longer, hello Florida! I am leaving this Sunday to practice in perfect conditions for 8 days :-) I am currently practicing in the simulator, and below is a picture from my kitchen when the snow arrived! I just finished playing tennis at 10 PM and I realized that I am not in the same shape as when I was competing in tennis, though I am too stubborn to admit ;-)
20130116-223202.jpg 20130116-223144.jpg

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I signed the contract with Peak Performance and I am so excited to wear their clothes! They are the perfect golf clothes and they also have an amazing casual collection. Check out their website!

This week has been really good since my friend from California was here and we have been playing some golf, checked out the spa and walked around in Halmstad!


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Stockholm here we cooooome!!!

My flight leaves tomorrow morning to Stockholm! I am going to sign something very exciting!! On my way home my roommate and teammate Jen from California will be flying back with me. I am so happy I haven’t seen her in so long!!299959_1966907059227_1868367296_n

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tumblr_mg5qmhsF2t1r6b1lio1_500_largeIt has been a cold week here in Sweden and I’ve got a cold! We played on regular greens yesterday and the course was in great shape though it was very rainy and windy and I had to dry all my clubs and make sure they were still alive:) Next week I am heading to Stockholm to sign something really exciting and I will tell you soon what it is!! Hobbit in 3D was good!

HAPPY weekend everyone! :)



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A workout with my puppy (not really) and one last round of 18 cold,windy,rainy holes of golf, I am now happy and satisfied with the year of 2012!



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