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Time to my next challange!

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Happy weekend! I wish you guys a great weekend while I am packing for my trip to Spain:) I am flying on Sunday morning and the trip takes 4 hours. We played at Holms GK today as a great start to a great weekend! It has been raining a lot in Spain lately but now the sun is suppose to show up:)

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Did you know that checking out your breathing before any athletic event should be as routine as making sure that your shoes are tied.

Step 1. Imagine that your lungs have three parts, a lower,middle and upper section. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are just going to fill up the bottom, or lower, third of your lungs as you breathe in. Do this by imagining that you are pushing out your diaphragm, stretching it to its max, and then opening up your abdomen. 

Step 2. Next, imagine filling the second third of your lung cavity. Do this by expanding your chest cavity and raising your rib cage and chest to their maximum capacity.

Step 3. Finally, fill the last sector of your lungs by raising your chest and shoulders.

Do not let your body be in the way of possibilities:)

The weather is perfect at home and I keep playing everyday with Africa in mind!

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I have had a lot of readers these last days and some are golfers some are not and I am so happy you stopped by to read my blog! I believe there are two parts to our health and it is our physical abilities and our thinking and mental abilities. If you are not a golfer I believe you can still use these tips from me. I have spend some time and postst regarding some idea on how I train your physical abilities but what about our mental strength? People say golf is all in your head so why not practice it? Mental training is now an accepted part of many training programs. We often hear ”I won because I trained hard both physically and psychologically”. I have chosen to read the book – mental training for peak performance by Steven Ungerleider. I am not sure if it is good or not but I will write some parts from it on my blog this week. As a golfer I really recommend vision 54. It is a book that you have to read but I believe that reading books about other sports can improve yours and my own thinking process.

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Hello! It was a beautiful morning today in Halmstad and I got to play my third round for the week.  The course is holding up great and I am practicing for a tournament on Saturday. I practiced today with a white plastic cup that you put inside the hole where you have to hit every put perfect on line. 20121107-165459.jpg 20121107-165510.jpg

The biggest break up this week- McIlroy & Titleist

What I am going to try this week- TRX

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