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Time to my next challange!

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Hello all my followers! The newspaper is here and I happen to be on the front page, I like it! The photos and the interview was a lot of fun and I have so many people reacting to my favorite recipe, bacon dipped in white chocolate, which I mentioned in the paper:) After a long day yesterday, I woke up early since I am still used to the California time and the radio channel called me at 6AM. The interview was live and it is hilarious, I wish I could find it, but I will keep looking for it!

What’s next?
This Saturday-Sunday I’m playing the club championship 18+36 holes. Next week I will head to my first event! I also got the job at the golf course and I will be starting this Friday, lots of good things happening right now:)

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Hi everyone, the trip home was very stressful after trying to fit my 20 pounds overweighted bag without paying extra;) After packing and packing at the airport trying to rearrange we ended up with no fees! I am now back home and just finished 36 holes. My home course is in such a great  condition and it was so amazing and challenging to play, it must have been all the rain;) After shooting 73,73 I won my first tournament as a professional golfer and I am so happy!

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It’s time for me to leave for Sweden very soon. I am trying to fit four years into two suitcases, which is currently not possible. In two days we are heading back and I am very excited to see everyone at home:) I decided to play my first event on Sunday already, 36 holes right after my 24 hour flight, no rest here we go!! But now it is time to say goodbye to all my lovely friends in America.



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2. The drive to Hana is the most famous road on the Island. It is 68 miles, 59 bridges, 620 turns. Yes it made me sick but it was worth it in the end. The bridges were made for one car and the people living on the Island did not care about all the tourists in the rental cars so every turn was like gambling. Once you reach Hana and the National Park you will be amazed, you have arrived in Paradise. Below are pictures from the two hour hike on the Pipway trails and from the seven sacred pools.  

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