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Time to my next challange!

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Can’t get enough of Alex Clares voice when he performs unplugged! It’s on TV all the time during commercials so it gets stuck in my head at least once a day:)



Not unplugged


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Took two pictures today on our way to practice that I believe reminds me of San Jose:) Just noticed this pink and purple house downtown, very unique!


 I had to research group communication in my critical thinking class. Group projects can sometimes be challenging since your grade can be affected by others and I find it challenging to complete group projects where everyone is fully engaged. So I found these five tips for group projects, which can be applied to anywhere when working in a group..
Five steps to improve group communication:
1.The information needed to complete the specific task is available for each group member.
2. Develop an understanding together of the task
3. Give clear instructions of what is expected from each group member and clarify the deadlines.
4. Have contact information available for everyone and stay in touch throughout the project in order to make sure that everyone feels involved and up to date.
5. Group communication can improve by motivating each other and make sure to help and acknowledge weaknesses instead of avoiding them.

The research also highlighted that the main reason why group projects fails is because the group is not aware of the differences in attitudes, values, and goals that arise among members.

For everyone who lives in Halmstad, I saw this event going on at Soda clothing store, looks good!

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I saw this outfit on and the green colors are everywhere so I put together a workout collection.

Green top in the back- $58 –
Crash & Burn

Paris shirt- $11 –
Gina Tricot – Vanja top

Bright top- $115 –
Glossy RY tank

Shoes- $100 -
Nike Free Advantage 3.0

Shorts $21

Purse- $1,250 –

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