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Time to my next challange!

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I am very thankful for all the people following me this semester and I am looking forward for next year. All the support from you guys in Sweden and everyone around me here in California have helped me succeed! Success does not come easy, it requires a lot of ups and downs and everything is a learning process. My next tournament is in February and it is time to get better! Thank you for writing about me at home in Halmstad and at the SJSU website:)

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Today we went to Pearl Harbor and it was amazing. We got to watch a movie regarding the memorial and how the ships sank. After that we took a boat to one of the ships where there is still leaking 2 gallons of oil everyday and the bodies are still there. There were 3 soldiers that were rescuing people during the attack on Pearl Harbor who are 90 years today and we got them to sign for us, so great! Below are some pictures from snorkeling as well. The tournament starts tomorrow and you can follow us on

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