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Time to my next challange!

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Getting ready for our first tournament in Colorado at Ptarmigan golf course starting on Monday. We are flying out tomorrow and below me and Jen tried to fit our clothes together in this bag since we both are bringing our carts. Jen left me this much space….


Today I worked at Sacred heart, sorting clothes at the picture below. We also went to our friends viewing Diane Kwan, who was the happiest girl I knew and who loved life more than anyone, R.I.P!


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My best friend, teammate, sister and the person who tried to have conversations with me in English my first weeks in San Jose and neither of us really understood what we were talking about. Jody received critical news when the doctor thought she had leukemia or aplastic anemia. A week later, she went through a bone-marrow test in order to investigate it. For one week I have not been sleeping and I am happier then ever to share the news that the doctors could not find any signs of cancer. She is now going through treatment to get a stronger immune system and I wish her the best of luck. We miss you so much at practice and can not wait to play with you again! Love you

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Every College student has to complete two units of internship and since we have a busy schedule I could not pick any internship. I got assigned to do 48 hours of community service this semester and I was a little worried about what I should be assigned. Today I visited Sacred Heart that is located close to our gym where people come to get food and clothes. The people working are super nice and I will be working in the clothing store where they sell vintage to people in need. I work my first shift tomorrow and I am excited. I think it will be a good semester!

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Today we had three hour of practice since it was Labor Day we did not have any classes. I spend the rest of the day with Jody and Jen. Jody is going through some tough times and I will dedicate a post to her!



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