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What do people like to read about?

What do people like to read about?

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There are only so much I can write about my day, I woke up, biked to campus, went for practice, went back to campus again for more class, made meatloaf and now sleep. So what else can motivate you? Celebrities? What do I like to read about? Celebrities! What do I need to accomplish this year? Improve my fitness, become an athlete all around. How do you become athletic and in super crazy good shape? Read about fitness, put yourself into the mood of fitness, eat right and WORKOUT!

I happen to live 20 yards from a gym. I can see people running on the treadmill everyday, I choose to close my blinds so I don’t see people running everyday because it stresses me out. Why? Because I know I could and should workout (outside the workout with the team, which is twice a week).

 Yesterday I went into the gym in our complex and an old man was running on the treadmill. Did I compete against him? Yes. Did he run forever? Yes he did, and so did I. Here are some of the celebrities trainers, I love reading their tweets it keeps me motivated.

Jennifer Aniston

Cameron Diaz

Katy Perry

Kristin Cavallari

Heidi Klum


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